Guide to a Smooth Move10 Ways to Find a Local Mover You Can Trust
1.)   Call the Minnesota Department of Transportation to verify that the company is authorized to do interstate/intrastate moving.
Make sure that any mover that you are considering hiring is duly licensed and authorized to do business MN Dept of Transportation in Minnesota. Call the Minnesota Department of Transportation at (612) 405-6060 to verify that the mover has authority to operate and to obtain any complaint records on the mover.
2.)   Contact the Better Business Bureau.
Check with your local Better Business Bureau about a mover's complaint record. Also to make sure they are accredited or they at least have a good standing report with the BBB. A mover's record with the Better Business Bureau should provide an accurate measure of their safety record.
3.)   Ask the mover if he or she carries workers' compensation insurance.
Minnesota law requires that all movers carry workers' compensation coverage. Such insurance adds to the cost of doing business, but it legally protects you. Be wary of a very low bidder that may be cutting costs by cheating on this needed protection. Cheating on workers' comp coverage is a good sign of an unsafe mover.
4.)  Visit the movers website to help make sure they are professional and legitimate.
Verify that the movers website first exists and secondly that it is truthful, organized, and professional. A messy, dishonest and disorganized  website is a good indicator of how the mover will treat your goods.
5.)  Don't always go with the lowest bidder.
If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be wary of always choosing the lowest estimate—choose the mover which you are more comfortable with handling your prized possessions and goods. Be sure to require proof of US DOT#, MN License #, proof of insurance and check the Better Business Bureau & the MN Secretary of State websites to make sure the company is a legal legitamate company to hire. In the end, the mover will bill you for the actual time that it took to perform the move, regardless of the original estimate.
6.)  Don't listen to negative comments by sales personnel.
A high-quality moving firm with a good reputation does not need to criticize another mover in order to make themselves look better. Such tactics are a negative indicator of a company.
7.)  Check on the internet search engines.
Was the company listed on any search engines with any negative or positive reviews? Were they listed at all? If not, the company could be a legitimate new moving company. However, it could also mean that the mover's DOT license and authority was revoked and that he or she is trying to operate under a new name.
8.)  Talk to the Owner.
Unless it is a larger mover, you should be able to talk to the owner of a moving company. If you can talk to the owner of the moving company, if only by telephone, you should be able to develop a feeling of confidence that he or she is experienced and capable enough to assure a professional move.
9.)  Get a recommendation.
Ask the mover for a recommendation from a satisfied customer. Remember, a mover is only as good as their reputation.
10.)  Is the company a member of MTSA?
MTSA works hard to maintain high safety standards for the household goods moving industry. To that end, we educate the moving industry on proper ethics and on the importance of safety in this industry. Participation in this association is a good indicator of a safe moving company. All moving companies listed on the MTSA Moving Guide are members of Minnesota Transport Services Association.
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